Decorating The Four-Acre Horse Ranch, Pt. 3

Master Bedroom Update:

I painted the headboard a random, patchwork style, delicious with the colorful bedspread (from Anthropologie).
It is such a happy, feel good place!

Kitchen Update 

Previously paintings and other art had been hung at this kitchen wall area, but I was experiencing a need to change up the look, an update; I wanted more fun. The result is the decorative painting of, "eat what you want, where you want."

The trompe l'oeil between the stove hood and range was added to and touched up (more is more).

The painted words, "Mi Cocina Es Su Cocina," have been over the door awhile, what is new and shown here is additional floral and leaf borders completely surrounding the door opening. Again, it is all just fun.

More fun: The previously white Ikea clock with its simple to read numbers got a makeover also. Additionally, some numbers with little wings, were painted, creating the visual joke which is also sometimes part of trompe l'oeil, here we could call it, "time flies."

This photo shows a painted decorative border of flowers that was also recently added. You get a glimpse of the existing beautifully colored tiles that made up 99 percent of the backsplash (except over the oven).

Your editor and hostess filling the horse water trough - this was actually how we cooled off in New Mexico while working on the 4-acre ranch.  Just so you know, it comfortably fits two plastic floating lounge rafts.

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