Decorating The Four-Acre Horse Ranch, Pt. 4

My Office:

Still working!  My office is underway!

As you may recall, this house is being decorated in a style I call 'Santa Fe Meets Exotic & Indulgent Chic.'  

Just about everything you see here has been painted various colors over the years (the flat blue wall color  will definitely be changed.)

The shelves:

  • The black shelves were originally purchased in white from Ballard Designs years ago (bought for my Silverado Canyon, California house.)  The first alteration to the shelves was the addition of some fun motifs and a slight diamond border to the white color. This tied the shelves in with the Silverado Canyon unique copper-gold tin kitchen ceiling - and - the pantry doors that were white but that I'd 'antiqued' with touches of gold.
  • They later moved with me to Rockford, Illinois  (click here to see Rockford, Illinois Loft Apartment article), and there the shelves lived in my living room.  I had an abundance of large and colorful wall art and I felt black would balance it.  It complete the look, causing flow and rhythm.  The shelves were painted black.

The wicker settee was originally purchased in off white.

I painted this wicker settee (shown above) when I moved to this four acre horse ranch. Both the cushions and the hanging paper lamp were purchased from Pier One Imports.

The black wicker side chair I don't actually remember painting, but I do remember I bought it in a forest green color about ten years ago from Ikea and somewhere along the way it got painted black.

My Office Desk and Coordinating Chair
  • The desk chair was a thrift shop find some 25 years ago; it has seen numerous shades of paint.
  • The desk is from Ballard Designs bought for the Silverado Canyon house office in antique white. I've always enjoyed the desk double-sided drawer's spun crystal knobs.
  • In this location, my office here at the horse ranch, there wasn't a particular focal point so I decided to go dramatic and decoratively paint the desk and chair.  It's a happy work place.

Close up photos show paint detail.

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