Den With Zen By Christina Miller, The "Decorina"

Fantasizing about an escape from the chaos of daily life or the teenage lounge lizards that inhabit your living room? If a little space is what you dream of - a place to meditate, jot down poetry, connect with your spouse, or just read your gossip mags without judgement, well, take heart! Peace and tranquility are a few simple steps and a juicy paint color away!

Taking a small space and making the most of it can be a daunting task when faced with the dilemna of what stays?

What goes?

What colors?

What now?

And can we really do without the extra 'storage' this room provides?

Give yourself a break while I break this project down into a few simple steps that will have you OM'ing in no time.

First, relax your mind, breathe deep and give yourself permission to have your own space.

*Let Go: Have you noticed the bigger your desk, the more 'stuff' seems to accumulate on the top of it? Scale down. Throw a fabulous yard sale, donate to charity, store it or toss it but if storage is an issue, get rid of what isn't truly necessary. Un-cluttering is the beginning of the Zen process so let go and move forward.

* Color me clever: Add a splash of exotic color to at least one wall (I say, paint it all!) but at least one wall, preferably across from the entry of the room and watch how it draws you in! Rich, dark color creates a feeling of introspection and quiet. It's a myth that dark color closes a room in. Does your tiny powder room feel more stately painted bright white? Go rich and watch how soothing the space becomes.

* Kick off your shoes and stay awhile: Add cozy seating and intimate conversations are sure to follow. Simple decor with a 'hidden agenda' like a hide-a-bed loveseat, or a storage ottoman will allow for double-duty without clutter.

* Tone it Down: Lighting put on a dimmer switch will change the mood of the room from cheery to seductive with a simple adjustment.

* Breathe Deep: Keep window treatments natural and airy using texture versus color like woven wood shades or cotton sheers to billow in the breeze.

* A couple of comfy floor pillows over a natural bamboo floor will open the room up. (Feel free to try Down Dog position when no one is watching).

* Art is very intimate so do what inspires you and gives you joy to look upon. Less is more so a few larger prints instead of a dozen little ones are best.

* Scent and Sound are vital and can be achieved with a stereo system and exotic candles or simply an iPod and inscence. A small fountain makes a melodic sound as well!

Claiming some personal space is good for the mind, good for the body and therefore good for everyone around you. You are now ready to conquer the clutter and create a personal sanctuary with style. Namaste!

About The Author: Christina "Decorina" Miller Is An Interior Designer From Southern Orange County, California.

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