Art And Decorative Items (Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder)

As a follow up to the Lalanne Sheep article, I thought I'd share another fun object d'art or decorative item - the little paper mache burro.

This house style is called Ethnic Meets Chic Style (see prior article "Santa Fe Style Hooks Up With Exotic & Indulgent Chic "). It's a highly-colorful look with many many ethnic items, such as the old, hand-painted blue trunk seen here. This 100 year old adobe house house has integrated with phrou-phrou pretty, traditional stuff, also collected over the years.

The highly-colorful, pink pom-pom fringe-edged pillows with paisley and dots from Pier One Import on the white wicker settee are perfect with the little burro and the antique blue trunk.

Can you even get over it? The little burro that belongs!

Cheers to you and your special and unique decor objects as you integrate them in your home and how they make you smile!

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