Designer Shares Propitious Kershisnik Art Collection Info And Caramel Cheesecake Bites Bonus Recipe

In developing a collection of art, it can be an overwhelming undertaking.  Moreover, decorating with a rich palette is highly appealing. But so often, unfortunately, exorbitantly expensive.

Then there's this artist from Kanosh, Utah . . . and this guy is hot, and only getting hotter.

Let me tell you Darlin,' Brian Kershisnik's stuff is an astounding investment.

Not only does his work sell out quickly, which can make it 'hard to get,' but check this out! Brian Kershisnik's original art sells for $50,000 to $100,000! Now you (and I!) can revel in the magic of his art, in your very own living room! A very limited edition quantity of signed and numbered giclee Kershisnik prints are available. These signed Kershisnik prints are beautiful, but, moreover, they are affordable. Read on.

His work sells quickly which makes it 'hard to get'. But, check this out!  You can have this, you can have Brian Kershisnik's magical art that sells for $50,000 to $100,000 - in your home - in limited edition, signed and numbered giclee Kershisnik prints. Read on.

I just got word today that the giclee print, "She Will Find What Is Lost," is close to selling out!

"She Will Find What Is Lost" (Below)

AND . . . check out this other very relevant tidbit for the savvy art collector: the original oil painting of "She Will Find That Which Is Lost," just sold today, April 18, 2014, for $82,800 from the Park City Meyer Gallery.  (Click here to see the actual Gallery listing).

Yes, Brian Kershisnik's originals sell. And for some hefty amounts.

His signed and numbered prints are high on appeal, but at a lesser cost. To see this piece as a limited edition, signed and numbered giclee print - which you now know, is close to selling out - click here. 

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