Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs On Who's Who Of The Most Famous Owning Lalanne Sheep

Coco Chanel had a flock of them grazing in her living room. Designer Marc Jacobs includes his nestled in with other art and art-as-furniture pieces.

Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne's highly coveted object d'art sheep (that are also benches) have recently become hotter than ever in the States and for sometime before that, owners of Lalanne sheep have been among a who's who of the most famous.

Oh - and, check out the July 2009 cover of Architectural Digest!

A flock of Lalanne sheep rocketed to a new auction record of $7.5 million (that's $6.6 million, plus commissions) in 2011 at Christie's in New York.  The same day a phone bid beat out other phone bidders for a single Lalanne lamb, paying $122,500 (including commissions) for the 1997 art.

Original Lalanne ewes are beyond the budget of the average person wanting to collect art. But if you are on the lookout to purchase a reproduction, the following may fit the bill.

The online catalog Source Collection has a knock-off Lalanne Gentle Ewe Bench available for $525. This ewe is amazingly true-to-life and as a bench, sturdy enough to support a 250 lb person. These are not just decorative pieces these sheep are art as furniture!

I also enjoy the latest Anthropologie Catalog's colorful, whimsical sheep. I'm not sure these double as benches, but The Anthropologie Catalogue has some delightful little ewes.

Art and objects d'art should always be personal choices. Surrounding yourself with the things that you love will bring untold pleasure. It also is essential in personalizing your home.

Working with an interior designer helps assure you get the look you desire while helping eliminate costly mistakes; if you have questions or concerns, contact the staff of the Something Beautiful Shoppe.


LambAround said...

Well look at all those sweet little sheep! Thank you for emailing me the great link :)

Patricia, Editor said...

I thought 'ewe' would enjoy the lil' cutie pies. Best to ewe!