Decorating The Four-Acre Horse Ranch, Pt. 2

Vintage is so cool - we love seeing old houses fixed up. The thesaurus states vintage is superior, prime, classic. In reality vintage items aren't always practical.

For this house, let me share what vintage means:

In this house, vintage is the 100 year old adobe house - adobe walls are 18" thick!  That actually makes for a natural form of insulation but can be a challenge when hanging pictures (they start to crumble - ghack!). In the master bedroom of the adobe house, vintage means low ceilings that consist of dark railroad ties, and vintage also means fewer windows than today's home styles. That's a bit about a 100 year old adobe houses.

In the master bedroom the vintage issues made for a cave-like feeling.  To correct this I called on Chelsea Lavendar paint by Ralph Lauren. It lightens up the adobe room, giving it a colorful, whimsical feeling.

The brightly-colored bedding is from Anthropologie.  Hard to see in these photos is a beautiful, rare, antique Oriental rug that proved a bit of a challenge. I found that the rug had slight purple-lavender threads that came to life with the Ralph Lauren paint - - viola!!!

This sitting area (previously a desk area) is perfect for a master bedroom sitting area. The chair and ottoman are from Pier One Imports.  I think every bedroom should have a chair, they're both functional and help make a room look complete.

The bed headboard previously had been a natural wood and when painted Ralph Lauren's 'Picket Fence White,' it just POPS!

Design Tip: These two paintings (shown at right) are opposite both the bed and the large painting that hangs over the bed.

In my attempts to balance or 'equal out' opposite sides of a room, I considered another large art piece, but this small room couldn't visually support that, the room started feeling cave-like again.  Visa versa, though, these two oil paintings on their own were not enough before placing them on the shelves.  This side of the room now had sufficient visual weight and presence. One more time: viola!

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