Paint Color Choices - What Would Bette Midler Or Bill Blass - Or You - Choose

A colorful personality herself, Bette Midler says she loves to use color as a design element in her home environments. "I love color." According to Ms. Midler, "I don't care where it comes from . . . walls, flowers, anything. Color is a subliminal source of joy and happiness that sets off something that lifts your spirits."CELEBRITIES FIND INTERIOR DESIGNER DIRECTORY OR DECORATOR OR LOCAL INTERIOR DESIGNER

Just like Bette Midler, most of us love color, so what's up with choosing a paint color. It's not for lack of beautiful choices - it is said the human eye recognizes at least ten million colors. The issue is more amongst so many beautiful colors, how do we decide which colors to paint in our home. Rest assured, not to worry. If you can't decide what colors to paint your kitchen or bathroom, don't feel bad. Color has more to do with emotion than with technicalities. HOW TO FIND AN INTERIOR DESIGNER.

Think about what color does. It pulls you in, or pushes you away. It can easily shock. Or calm.SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL DESIGN DIRECTORY FIND INTERIOR DESIGNER

Have you noticed a particular color that repeats in your clothes closet? Learn to trust yourself that you know you love certain colors and let your eye and instinct lead you.

Color has energy - pediatric wards are often painted bubble-gum pink to soothe children. Blue is known to lower blood pressure, ideal for a meditative space. The yellow legal pad comes from the belief that yellow stimulates the intellect and the memory.

Take your time. Peruse decorating magazines and note similarities of colors of rooms that you enjoy. Note rooms that instill various emotions such as beauty, restfulness, comfort, etc. INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS DE SIGN IDEAS?

Realize you may have already identified colors that are beautiful to you. Look around your home, you may have a favorite vase, a distinct pillow or a cherished personal item . . . consider its colors. There are reasons we love the things that we love and color may just be why these items are precious to you.HOW TO HIRE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER OR FIND A DESIGNER


Photographs from Christy Ferer's book Breaking the Rules: Home Style for the Way We Live Today FIND OUR LATEST INTERIOR DECORATING ARTICLE

Focal Points Are Vital In A Well Designed Room

Sometimes it’s the ‘biggest’ feature in the room. Oftentimes it’s a fireplace, a picture window or a built-in bookcase. It wants to be special, it wants to be dramatic. If it is played up, this focal point helps to make your room more inviting, offering a more comfortable place to rest. Since this one design item can do so much, play it up! DECORATING IDEAS AND PROJECTS TIPS
Determining Your Focal Point: HOW TO CHOOSE COLOR
A focal point should be something interesting to look at, something colorful or texturally and visually appealing. You can create a focal point for the room, by focusing on artwork, floral arrangements, paint color, or shelving. It should be the 'first thing' you see when entering a room. If possible, build your furniture arrangement around it.
Play Up Your Focal Point:
You can create a focal point wall by painting one wall a different color from the rest and accessorizing with a wall arrangement, artwork, or display shelves. Use lighting to enhance your focal point. For example, use a picture light, track light, or wall washer fixture on a painting or wall display. If you've identified a mantle or shelf as the focal point, use plants and accessories to decorate them.
Use contrasting color to make the focal point stand out. For example, use a light wall color behind a dark wood focal piece.
A Neat Niche:
What could have been an awkward niche has become a focal point by filling it with interesting pieces. A mural is seen here, but you might also use a painting or a collection of prints. The Asian-style dresser is topped with a few simple accessories and a pair of lamps, while recessed lighting is focused to brighten the mural.

Lady's Master Bedroom Designer: Chris Garrett / Garrett Paschen Ltd, Evanston, IL From the 2003 Lake Forest Showcase House and Gardens Photo ©2003, Glenna Morton, About Interior Decorating