Spanish Style Home From Nuevo Estillo Magazine

Spanish Nuevo Estillo Magazine highlighted this beautiful Spanish home and its easy to see why - simple, unfussy decorating with furniture sourced from flea markets, lots of light, and natural wood and plants played off against splashes of jewel tones. Simply lovely.

Keeping true to the island and staying ecologically friendly, German architect Thomas Wegner undertook this house; considered an expert in recovering the essence of the buildings on the island of Mallorca, Thomas Wegner's architectural stamp is unmistakable.

The new materials in colors of polished beige duplicating the island's golden sand beach is broken only by white walls that somehow enhance clarity. Similarly, the roofs, which retain the original wooden beams have been restored and also painted white. The effect is reinforced by the windows placement allowing the sunlight to stream in and the greenery from outside to come inside.

The energy flow from the location of the large windows is significant - the architectural elements such as set stone in niches, arches and stairs are of French farmhouse feel and also island cabana. Each piece of furniture is also critical to the overall effectiveness.

Full of character, the kitchen has a simple concrete floor polished to a beautiful tone and the table is from an old Mallorcan farm. The chairs are from Fermob, famous for producing Paris bistro chairs. Difficult to see from these photographs, the window is perfectly planed to bring the outside in, and under the window, provision is made for a useful storage area. The kitchen countertop is green granite that coordinates beautifully with the oak wood cabinets. The ceiling conserves the original wood beams, recovered and painted to gain luminosity.

The architect took great pains to open up the entire house to the bay by the stairs that parallel the house. On the washed pine console table is an old mirror of IP Design and above the console is a work of Julian Meunie. Resting against the wall is an acrylic artwork by Iris Stewen.

Symetry: two matching armchairs and ottomans and two matching iron and wood high tables (all by IP Design) and two matching lamps (by Fer House).

Asymetry: the tall acrylic painting opposite the tall window; greenery on tables slightly different, but the flow is taller toward the taller acrylic painting; one armchair has a dark silk throw, the other armchair, a light throw.

The ceiling beams and vertical posts adjacent to the fireplace are original to the house. Again, in desiring to bring maximum light to all the rooms, the architect chose to paint everything white. On both sides of the fireplace, the vertical posts made for matching shelving standards for bookshelves to hold colorful books.

Architect Thomas Wegner style often plays up opposing side details, such as the painted arch and the double door opening. In this photo, the furniture and rug are antique.

Two seating areas, both unique to Spanish style: one is the antique carved wooden banco (bench in Spanish) under the shuttered window and the second is the built in banco in the window archway area.

The simple make up of the bathroom depicts the simplicity and charisma of the entire house. Both the counter and the sinks are of cream colored granite. A ladder of the style native to the area is used as a towel rail and the boxes are of similar color as the ladder, while the candlesticks and towels reflect nature's greenery.

There was no denying this bedroom's austere slanted ceiling beams. The window wall is negligible; it has little presence and the walls themselves have a very rough texture. The essence of the room is bare and the design theme and decor items were kept at a minimum. It is refreshing and welcoming.

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