Chic Camping Style At The Versailles, Maharaja Tent Company (Follow Up)

In my last publication I'd included the article about this interesting style I'm noticing, Chic Camping and Outdoors-y Styles (click here to go to that article), but these tents are too phenomenal to not also share with you.

Christian Dior called in this tent company, The Maharaja Tent Company, for their 60th anniversary in Paris. Check it out.

According to Maharaja Tent Company, "Our tents and canopies are excellent for use in gardens, beaches, by the pool and at luxury resorts and spas.. They can be used as tented living quarters, settings for lunches, dinners, parties and wedding. They offer wonderful, enchanting possibilities for entertaining family, friends, special guests and even Royalty."

A photo of the Christian Dior 60th Anniversary Celebration using Maharaja Tents and accessories, at the Chateau Versailles, Paris. For more info on this huge affair including the Maharaja dozen plus tents but moreover the luminosity of the hundreds of guests including superwatt supermodels, click here. At right are Charlize Theron and Christian Dior Designer John Galliano (shown dressed up for the celebration's Spanish theme).

For more information about Maharaja Tents, email them at

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