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Subtitle:  Less Things More Life

The little country of Norway is known for furniture styles that are sleek, clean and minimalistic. I recently
learned a wonderfully-interesting fact about this Country. The "people" who study on country's citizens' contentment levels in life and lifestyle report that Norway tops these scales..... Hummm ..

Ahhhh . . . . .

A lovely Norwegian woman (sorry, didn't catch the name), said, succinctly,  "Less Things, More Life."

It makes my back and shoulders relax!

A cluttered environment can greatly affect one's serenity and sense of calm.

The green pedestal tray in the kitchen
photograph is a DIY, simply a painted
candlestick glued to a large plate. It has
a small towelette that conveniently both
fits the kitchen theme and is functional
eliminating messy soap scum spots.
Containers or trays can be DIY, thrift
shop, Pottery Barn or Container Store.

A few fun notes about reducing clutter are:

  1. Is this item something I use regularly?
  2. If not, is it something I love?
  3. Am I keeping this out of obligation or expectation?
  4. Am I holding onto this because I think I should love it?
  5. Am I saving this just in case?
  6. Do I have multiples of the same thing?
  7. Could something else I own do the same job?
  8. Am I holding onto a broken item to fix one day?
  9. Is this item worth the time I spend cleaning / storing it ?
  10. Could I use this space for something else?

We can create a serene look with our necessary household and home items in ways such as gathering 'smalls' on a platter (such as on the kitchen pedestal tray) or, again, in the bathroom area, gathering smalls on a mirror or silver tray.  Baskets in the closet (photo at right) for scarves, accessories, etc. accomplish this also.  Be on the lookout for containers, they can be thrift store or Pottery Barn, or The Container Store.

A practical tip:  when organizing, use all levels, both horizontal and vertical (such as the baskets of purses and scarves). Clearing items off your vital horizontal levels (kitchen and bathroom counters, kitchen tables, desks, etc.) makes for easier cleaning, easier to maintain ~ and ~ a less cluttered look.

A serene look.

The more stuff we have that clutters our lives literally and figuratively = the less actual space we have to enjoy our lives.  (Well, the very-content-in-life Norwegians think so!)

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Zucchini Oven Fries Bonus Recipe

Got zuccini?  Make the most of this prolific veggie, with easy and healthy main side dishes, such as Zuccini Oven Fries.

  1. Slice zucchini into 3" by 1/2" sticks. 
  2. Dip into beaten egg (or egg substitute), then into seasoned breadcrumbs.
  3. Spritz a baking sheet with cooking spray.
  4. Place sticks on baking sheet and bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes, turning zucchini fries after 15 minutes.
From SparkPeople, Guest Blogger, Bryn Mooth

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