Ideas For Decorating Small Spaces

Following are some ideas on creating beauty and function in small apartments or homes.

Learning to see is a most important tip.  When you are seeing your space, avoid the predictable.  Small spaces require you to be pliable with your thinking process.

Divide areas into smaller areas and make your own rooms. The dining room photo, left, from ApartmentTherapy is just a small part of a larger area, but by the arrangement of the various dining room elements, a dining room was created. The mirror helps distinguish the vignette, it adds drama and presence. The wine bottles display, the table, chairs etc. reinforce the dining area's liveliness while the table lamp provides a touch of intimacy.

Adapt. Adapt, Adapt. Think outside the box. The photo at right shows an antique secretary can serve as a desk or it can also be storage. If it has glass doors, it can be both storage and display; fold the towels, or roll them into a appealing shape, add a small vase and framed photo or art. You have a functional thing of beauty.

Play around with the things you have, push them, prod them. When your groupings or areas work, you'll know.

Mix it up, use casual with formal. Consider your living space like painting on a blank canvas or assembling an outfit. You are building your look.

Form and function are a beautiful team. Place your costume jewelry in a pattern on a side table. Arrange your olive tea bottles, tea tins and boxed foods so they look wonderful. Play dress up; hang your shawl or your collection of hats on the wall the same as you would any art.

Use your walls! Go verticle. Hang mirrors, artwork hang anything. Check out the photo at left from House Beautiful - don't forget you can go casual or alternative. . . . lean artwork (or an oversized mirror) against a wall or against a bookshelf.


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Patricia, Editor said...

Zane, thank you so much. It is interesting to see Indian style tips.