Hollywood Glam Meets Paris Hotel, In San Fran

A third generation San Franciscan, Lynn Goldfinger-Abram has memories of elegance of a bygone era, the Fairmont and the Palace Hotel were grander than grand. Those days when you made a shopping trip to Downtown Union Square you wore your best dress and your white gloves.

She has incorporated those memories in her design style, a Paris Hotel with a modern twist, meets Hollywood glamour. Lynn has no formal design background, but she knows how to do bold indulgence. Her store, Paris Hotel Boutique, located in San Francisco is utterly delicious. I love this woman; good for her!

In recreating elements of some of San Francisco's past grand moments, she's created a beautiful mix and consistency. The use and re-use of materials such as the glass blocks, the black and white colors, and the over the top twists of modern and Hollywood have made for a high drama, visually stimulating home.
Lynne is quoted saying her biggest indulgence with respect to her home is fresh flowers and fancy candles.
Frankly I love how she indulges on an everyday basis in the creation of real beauty. If anywhere we should indulge, our home is it.

To view a slideshow of Lynn's home, click here. Photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

Paris Hotel Boutique - unique vintage silver, furnishings, and souvenirs hand selected by Lynn Goldfinder-Abram. She also has an awesome blog.

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Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Patricia, thank you so much for the beautiful write up! I am so flattered!! All the best, Lynn