How To Organize Your Home

Subtitle:  Less Things More Life

The little country of Norway is known for furniture styles that are sleek, clean and minimalistic. I recently
learned a wonderfully-interesting fact about this Country. The "people" who study on country's citizens' contentment levels in life and lifestyle report that Norway tops these scales..... Hummm ..

Ahhhh . . . . .

A lovely Norwegian woman (sorry, didn't catch the name), said, succinctly,  "Less Things, More Life."

It makes my back and shoulders relax!

A cluttered environment can greatly affect one's serenity and sense of calm.

Left, cookbooks in a basket . . . fun, open container - you can easily sort through the books to see the one you want. We thus have 'creativity'. When you want to clean, lift the basket and viola! Easy access for cleaning is right there, thus we accomplish 'serenity.'
It's a win win.

At right, the green pedestal tray 
is a DIY, simply a painted candlestick glued
to a  large plate. It has a small towelette
that conveniently both fits the kitchen theme
and is functional eliminating messy soap
scum spots. Containers or trays can be
DIY, thrift shop, Pottery Barn or
Container Store.

A few fun notes about reducing clutter are:

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