Design Meets Function - Meets Green - Meets Beauty, And A 'Well Done' In SF

When design successfully meets function, you've done a good job. When it also creates an object of beauty, you've done your job really well. San Francisco's community leaders with Arquitectonica have done just that. Trinity Place, the largest apartment development complex to be built in San Francisco since the post-World-War II era replaces a beleaguered, rent-controlled apartment building. Boasting 1,900 apartment units, one third being rent controlled, Trinity Place is a six building, high functioning development complex and a well designed one.
What was once a nasty hotel and later a 360 rent-control units apartment building was demolished and in its place is a new complex, providing 360 rent-controlled units - replacing the old rent-controlled units on a one-for-one basis. At completion, it will boast 1,900 apartment units, with one-third being rent-controlled or priced below the market rate.
An ample and beautiful courtyard is designed to be:

* the center of social interaction
* the source of light and air for internally oriented units
* the green lung or purifier, cleansing the air of dust and toxins
* provider of a natural environment among man made structures
* a quiet place away from the streets

The buildings' roof lines, along with the structures' facades with breakaways, will descend diagonally from 24 to 17 stories - maximizing sunlight in open spaces. The main exterior consists of a mix of glass, beige-colored concrete and silvered metal panels which is accented by vertical metal fins and punched window openings. The shadows which are created by the recessed openings, form a repetitive, organized pattern which maximizes all of the construction elements and cut outs. The subtle treatment of the buildings and of its storefronts, optimizes the enjoyment of the Bay area's unique streets.
San Francisco boasts many assets, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square with its cable car. Trinity Place is an example of good urban planning and it is another asset for the popular city.

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