Designer Dog Beds

We love our dogs. We talk to them, as if they are our children and I have no doubt that some people think their pets are their children.

"Americans have fallen in love with their dogs," according to TIME U.S.  "We have dog walkers, dog groomers, dog parks and dog-friendly hotels. We buy organic dog food, put our pets on puppy Prozac and dress them up in costumes for Halloween  . . . treat our pets like children."

So, if this is the relationship you have with your pet (because
what else would he/she expect), you might enjoy these designer dog beds.

As you and Fluffy are browsing, checking out his possible new digs, be aware that the Beverly Hills Black And White Bed (available also in white and pink) from Glamour Dog will set you back about $1500.00.

The Hepburn Bed, more of a chaise-lounge style dog bed, is available in pink or brown $1400.

But if your little Lulu is a prize winning specimen (even if it is only in your mind), what kind of bed should she sleep in?

All dog beds are from Glamour Dog.

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Amanda Kidwell said...

Hi Patricia,I received your email and checked out your blog article. It's a great idea for a blog and I think you'll get lots of interested readers! How did you find out about our Dog Boutique and our Blog? I'm always curious how people stumble across our sites. :) Do you have any dogs yourself? I hope you have a great day and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Amanda Kidwell
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Patricia, Editor said...

Amanda - Thanks for your sweet response. A very good friend of mine, with Dallas Interiors at Legacy is working with a client (whole house) and the client would like a doggy-door treatment of some kind. I loved the idea, and looked up designer dog beds. I love the Beverly Hills Dog Bed. I have a lab/great dane named Christopher, which bed would best fit his needs?

We'd love any note you might want to put on your blog.


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Patricia, Editor said...

Patricia - Thanks for the note. Especially thank you for the feedback. PLEASE sign up in the Subscribe for free area - it helps me with google and the other search engine things and then I am able to present an even better product. Keep up the good work with dogs, I am very supportive of anything having to do with protecting and watching for our pets. Thank you, Patricia, Hostesss of Something Beautiful Journal

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous beds! I always go for orthopedic beds for my pups. But I love finding unique designer beds that you can really make your own.

Patricia Loya said...

@Mayathemonster - We're crazy about our pets, aren't we. My own dog, Christopher, has a generic lime green dog bed, topped with a soft rag rug covering, topped with a standard pillow with dots and a bright pink decor pillow.