How To Be Happy

Preparing food and
festivities for family and friends can be more than just an entertaining task. We can magnify the occasion when we look at the ordinary as a blessing, a gift.   

It brings to mind a bon mot that I've lived by for like forever.  It is entitled, "Life Is 100 Percent."

"Life Is 100 Percent" 

"Life is 100 percent.
10 percent is wonderful,
 mountain-top experiences.
10 percent is bad,
80 percent is boring,
 every-day, regular life.

"It's what we do with the 80 percent, boring,
every day, that determines how happy
we are in life." 

It is so true.  Do something fun, go out of your comfort zone and invite some friends to your home,  Do something that helps determine how happy you are in life, ordinary or extraordinary.  Just do it.

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