What Is Green Design?

As if it wasn't challenging enough to choose one paint
color over another, now there's 'green'? And, what exactly is 'green'? And, what exactly is 'green interior design'?' And what is 'green architecture'?

Going green,' is minimizing harmful effects on human health and the environment and going green is increasing smart solutions to improving the planet. Designers and architects are focusing design efforts for social good incorporating these green goods and services.

Adaptive Re-use: Re-purposing Old Buildings For New Uses

The The Tate Modern Museum is a preeminent museum that once was a power plant and is now one of the world's most famous examples of adaptive re-use.

The Tate Modern was created from the shell of the old, unsightly Bankside Power Station on the Thames River in London.

One old power station,
goes international,
then goes award-winning museum,
through sustainable architecture.  

The Tate Modern contains four art galleries and houses the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present day as well as international modern and contemporary art.  Its collection includes nearly 70,000 artworks by over 3,000 artists and grows every year.

For a listing of more exemplary adaptive re-use buildings . . .

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