Veranda Hosts Party At Greystone Mansion

Leave it to Veranda Magazine to throw a chic event at a nice Beverly Hills house. Greystone Mansion is a 45,000 sf, 55-room, Tudor-style house that sits on 16 acres and was the site of Veranda's first California Show House.

The Show House opening night was hosted by absolutely-fabulous designer Nathan Turner chaired along with Mary McDonald and Ann Getty, working with the (obviously successful) party theme "Chinoiserie au Jardin."

Partnering with the City of Beverly Hills and Friends Of Greystone, the hugely successful Greystone Mansion Show House was the result of some 24 top interior and landscape designers selected by Veranda whom restored and transformed Greystone.
The Los Angeles Times covered the event with photographer Gary Friedman (photos here of the reception room, the morning room, the grand salon ballroom and the master sitting room are from the Times piece). For more photos including a slideshow and coverage from that article, click here.

Nathan Turner is listed in our Directory of Designers listed geographically, his shop is located in Los Angeles.
Greystone House is now a public park within Los Angeles and its house and grounds has often been used in film and television. The house's descending staircase is one of the most famous sets in Hollywood.

Shot on Location
All of Me
Big Lebowski
The Bodyguard
Dead Ringer
Death Becomes Her
Gilmore Girls (The Chilton Academy)
I'd Do Anything for Love (but I Won't Do That) (music video)
Indecent proposal
It's Like That (Music Video)
MacGyver (Season 1 Episode 12)
National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Benjamin Gates and Abigail Chase's mansion. Seen when Conner, Abigail's date, drives her up to the front door, filmed in the courtyard of the Mansion)
Rock Star
Rush Hour
The Disorderly Orderly
The Prestige
The Puppet Masters
Spider-Man 2[5]
Stripes (Outside Courtyard)
There Will Be Blood[3]
It's Like That(Mariah Carey song) (Music Video)
We Belong Together (Music Video)
The Witches of Eastwick
Winter Kills

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Hi All - great pendant in Waldo's space is by Gerald Olesker the ceo of ADG lighting. said...

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the light pendant in Waldo's photos was designed by Gerald Olesker - the ceo/ principal at ADG Lighting

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