Bathrooms, Presenting Two Lovelys For Your Enjoyment

The texture here is delicious - heavy, knotty beams, old used brick, wide-wide plank flooring. It makes me want to barefoot walk in a soft comfortable robe ..... touching gently with fingertips the room's lovely parts:

- the bricks, feel their roughness

- the edge points of the elk rack holding the knubby towel

- the glass of the windows, its span, feel its width

- the sole chair, its curves and its decorative carving

I love this - but it is a whole different look, a whole different world. Unexpectedly I find the Far East. Unexpectedly again - check out the cement flooring and half wall. I believe the counter is cement also but with a glossy finish. It is coolness ..... it is serenity ..... its zen!

This bathroom is for the self of me that yearns for that sensual touch of Oriential, that spa-type self of me. This is for the self of me that loves simplicity and loves se - re - ni - ty. Yes .... I am seeing that self and I could translate and learn the spirit of the Orient. This minimalism look is good for the spirit.

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