Jan Pozzi - Impressionist Oil Painter And How We Met

"Moments and movements, frozen in time

and space . . . daydreams preserved . . . memories

hazy with the distance of time . . . a scene

blurred by the motion of passing . . . these are impressions.

Using an intensely personal style and technique, my

impressions evoke remambrance, imperfect

with the distance or time and imaginings."

- - By Jan Pozzi

I met artist Jan Pozzi because she was everywhere.

I was in need of an artist who did murals, who did trompe l'oiels.
I have been wanting to write about decorative painting such as color washing, marbling, sponging, ragging, in the creation of beautiful homes. I'd include the mastery of these various paint forms from recipe to wall beautiful. But I also wanted to share about the the transformation of an area with well done murals and trompe l'oiels.

Jan Pozzi was my girl - she had seemingly touched and had an impression on almost every spot in Rockford, Illinois.

My first introduction to her was the result of a trompe l'oeil (French, meaning 'to trick the eye') painting she did. The particular work I am referring to (not shown here) is a trompe l'oeil she did for the Rockford Womans Club in one of its bathrooms. We see a hankerchief on a trunk, with personal items lying atop - gloves, a pair of glasses, etc. To the eye effectively the items seem to be right there. But, what is right there however is a painting of a hankerchief on the trunk and the hankerchief 'draping' over the trunk sides. Similarly, painted images of gloves and glasses, appear and are done so well with her perfectly applied perspective and skill, that these items appear real. Trompe l'oeil is visual joke of a sort. Its intent is to deceive, which sets it apart from ordinary still life paintings. Jan Pozzi does this art form quite well.

Although she paints in almost every art style imaginable, Pozzi is an established impressionist oil painter - this is where she absolutely flourishs. Characteristics of impressionist painting include visible brush strokes, open composition, emphasis on light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time), ordinary subject matter, the inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, and unusual visual angles.

Pozzi's impressionist oil paintings hang on walls of private homes, galleries and philanthropic organizations. As an editor of an interior design magazine, I'd be negligent not to share this talent with you.

Her portfolio is also full of murals, trompe l'oiels, that she has been commissioned to do and you never know where they may show up. They are on walls, ceilings, or other large permanent surfaces and include planes and paratroopers, landscapes, seascapes, hockey players, pixies and ice skaters and are in both residences, businesses and various sites that all seem to lovingly help support the walls of the City. Jan Pozzi is very well known for her significant amount of philanthropic work, donating her time, resources and of course her art for charitable causes.

Extremely talented, and certainly not in any way ordinary, artist Jan Pozzi may be contacted at 815-877-1901 or 815-519-5501.

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