Karen Blake Interior Designer Pro Premier Profile (Sample Profile)

Minimalist and Americana and/or folk art aren't often paired - but designer Karin Blake has been combining them successfully for awhile.

She's been on the "Architectural Digest Top 100 Interior Designers List" since its inception and was a minamalist before there was even a word for it. Restraint is Karin Blake's signature. She follows Mies van der Rohe’s philosophy that less is more. “I value negative space,” says Karin Blake, whose concise, highly edited interiors combine the whimsy of folk art with the precision of Modernism. The designer, who has many art collectors among her clientele, notes that there is a “gallery” feel to her interiors. “There’s not a lot of clutter,” she says. “Each piece stands out, even if it’s a table. I even avoid lamps whenever possible."

Karin Blake - Malibu, CA Phone: 310-456-8010 Fax: 310-456-1093 (This is just a sample profile - if this were a real profile it would have an referral to the designer's own URL, and more information about the designer's experience and background and a way for you to get in contact with this designer about your project.)

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