Design Concept Symmetry And Asymmetry

(Article Continued) Strict symmetry, where things are too matchy-matchy, can seem cold, even redundant. We can tend to just walk by things, ignoring them for their same-same.
It can be good to establish symmetry as a framework, but add some relief and variety from it, but within it.
Asymmetry is technically the lack of symmetry but we can use visual weight (creating the illusion of symmetry) to equal the equilibrium our eye seeks. To further explain: again, in the picture above, the bottom fireplace mantel if we remember our imaginary vertical dividing line, the two halves of this composition have different forms and are technically dispersed unevenly - they are not mirrors of each other. Designers create illusions of symmetry by using objects with similar rhythm, pattern and shape. Designers create optical equality, it feels balanced and symmetrical to the eye. The desired end result is always about the visual experience, that the eye feels pleased.

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