Designer Carol Bolton's Shop "Antiquities"

I fell in love with and wrote about Carol Bolton years ago when she was proprietor of Homestead and was
known for her signature style, "Looks as if it's always been there chic."

You need to know what this accomplished business woman is doing these days though.

Carol and Tim Bolton are now operating a 14,000 sf establishment selling fabulous upholstery and romantic bed linens.  Now look to them also for industrial objects, illuminations, and tons and tons more.  I know!

Originally I presented the following bio of the Designer/Proprietor:

"If I were decorating for you, I'd have you get out all the things you love. Not the things someone
gave you or the things that are expensive. Just what you really and truly love. Then I'd come up with six or ten colors, and we'd do the whole house."  - Carol Bolton

Designer and Proprietor:  Homestead

Her style signature is: Looks-as-if-it's-always-been-there-chic. Fredericksburg, Texas

Bon Mot: "It takes work to make something look this undecorated."

Creative Process: A Good pot of coffee, nightgown, a pencil, a clean table, and a stolen hour.
(Originally posted with Homestead Shop, 2007)

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KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

Carol really started it all when it comes to textile furniture design with vintage romance in mind....Amazing designer....

Bed Shops Bolton said...

From what I've seen, Carol's designs are truly spectacular. A wonderful talent!