Italian Style Farmhouse Designed To Look Old

This house and its beautiful landscape was constructed from scratch.  Not one tree stood on the site.

With its old, plush-looking landscape however,  it has a naturally-established look, as if seeds have scattered with the winds across the grounds.

What now has the appearance of an Italian Style farmhouse or old Tuscany estate was carefully constructed by a team of professionals led by Saint Dizier Design with attention to detail: 

  • creation of elegant rusticity, “a balance between dress-up and relaxed, a hodgepodge very carefully orchestrated,” according to Jacques Saint Dizier, of Saint Dizier Design
  • use of fieldstone that might have been dug from local earth 
  • capture vineyard panoramas, he raised the residence three feet to allow for stone terracing. "I’ve always felt that terracing merges architecture with the landscape,” he remarks, “so that you’re not sure where the stone walls become house.”
  • anchor the house with an array of gnarled trees with languorous branches as thought they've survived a hundred summers, reports landscape architect Frederika Moller
  • surround the property with masses of Teucrium and other herbs, confirming the house’s wine-country setting 
  • construct a bocce court (a long-time Italian pastime activity)
  • reinforce viewing areas of the 200 acres of grapes
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