Savio Firmino Classic Furniture, Italian Style

Classic Italian furniture is distinct but Florence, Italy's Savio Firmino’s Collection really captures this style's essence. The Collection is on the expensive side - but take a look - it is absolutely delicious.

The chaise lounge or aka the 'fainting couch' - can you even get enough of it! I think I have a need to lay down, pull the decorative large decor pillow from the fur rug up onto my tummy and top it off with a good book. Yummmm........

Collezione 1941 (Bathrooms Collection) - If you like luxury designs and minimalism is definitely not your thing; if you dream to create a bathroom similar to the royal styles of the 19th century ~ and ~ if you dream to surround yourself by beauty and splendor, then you will love Savio Firmino Collezione 1941.

Savio Firmino doesn’t follow fashionable modern trends. It creates unique and wonderful furniture, with Collection 1941 made in the neoclassic style. Every piece in the collection is defined by its refinement and elegance, almost each piece decorated by jewels and gold or silver leafs. Sophisticated hand-engravings make this bathroom set even more marvelous. This bathroom design is timeless and created to calm and relax.

Notte Fatata (Bedding) is Italian for magical night - and more specifically, is Savio Firmino's bedding collection for the baby nursery and even the older child. The pieces can adapt with your little tiny princess even as she turns twelve. The furniture collection has a exquisite traditional design and comes in light gentle colors and to make it the ultimate in luxury, Notte Fatata can be covered with gold or silver foil.
Check out how the Notte Fatata baby cot piece can be easy transformed to a big and comfortable kid bed and the swaddling table can become a practical sideboard.

To see more Savio Firmino furniture, go to the Something Beautiful Journal's article "Decorate A Dreamhouse in Beverly Hills, California for a luxury, unconventional-chic look. Click Here.

This furniture is worthy of a Tuscan mansion - and I thought it worthy of writing about in my Something Beautiful Journal. For more information, go also to Savio Firmino. The Savio Firmino line is a high end , Italian line of luxury furniture and bathroom decor, is available through the Something Beautiful Shoppe, but not shown publicly in its regular pages. Please contact us directly and a designer will be assigned to work with you.  Call 1-888-338-4490, or email us at  Working with an interior designer helps assure you get the look you desire while helping eliminate costly mistakes.

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