Decorate A Dreamhouse In Beverly Hills

Written By: Patricia Lynne

Editor: Sarahjoy Crain

In my current SB Journal entry I'm imagining I'm "Decorating A Dreamhouse" in Beverly Hills, California, like the one above. The home:

* exterior is typical Georgian architectural style: symmetrical and orderly; paneled front door located at the center of the house; decorative crown over the door, with flattened columns on each side of the door
* front and rear yards symmetrically landscaped and the rear yard has a dramatic swimming pool with a guest house, all in Georgian style
* views of the surrounding mountain foothills
* is located in a City who's residents actively participate in entertaining, private and public dinners and philanthropic events
* Beverly Hills enjoys nearly perfect weather with almost year-round sunshine


The guest house shares many elements of the main house and of course is of  traditional style.

Before we go forward, let me share the photo at right which points out a few elements regarding traditional style and informal style, because we're going inside now. The interior decorating of the house is not traditional, not conservative and not symmetrical. It is however dramatic and even flaunts itself a bit.

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