Recycling Emilio Pucci - Don't Tease Us!

Styled. Recycled. Preserved.

Va-va-voom, look what’s happened to your sitting room! Precious vintage fabrics from 60's groovy designers are now cool, fresh looks, how's that for recycle/go green trend. Sometimes fashion follows function, sometimes visa versa. However, Its working baby.

An exclusive little boutique RO-Living features specialty home decor items - original design. They're mixing vintage - (their collection features many out-of-print designs by distinctive Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci) and contemporary couture fabrics and textiles. Interior Design Magazine just featured them, oh, and all the shop's items are handmade, one-of-a-kind.

Brash blues, greens, turquoise and cobalt make a smash landing on this sharp, clear white palette. The Jelly Bean Kaleidoscope line is a delectable dynamo of circa 2000's Pucci fabric - with - unbelievable soft white ultrasuede. Yummm.....! And a matching ottoman, stop it, you're killing me!

The Bubblegum Cosmo Table Lamp (see photo above) lives somewhere between Georgia O’Keeffe and Austin Powers. Its got that contemporary, but still classic-lookin', Pucci print shade, with a mod wood base. The dark base does what dark bases do sometimes, when done well, they oh-so-subtlety calm and contrast nicely with adjoining wild colors, here RO-Living's got fab-wild pinks and reds. Set against a cool-colored wall, this lamp can’t help itself but also be a focal point in any room. What else can anyone want in a light source.

The Nelson Marshmallow Couch With Customized Pucci Fabric Cushions is RO-Living's vision of this fantastically fun George Nelson classic. And they want to completely customize it, just for you... with fabrics that coordinate with your own quirky individuality, personality and decor needs.
RO-Living: Styled. Recycled. Preserved. (and Quirky!)

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