MODA Eero Saarinen Exhibit & Tulip Table Presentation - For Fun


Eero Saarinen is widely heralded as America's foremost architect in the 1950's and the MODA exhibit is the first ever to examine his complete range of furniture designs. This exhibit will present examples of Saarinen’s early furniture designs, sketches, photographs and descriptions of each of Saarinen’s furniture designs and collections. Knoll and MODA have provided archival examples and pieces of Saarinen’s timeless designs from current production.

Saarinen Famous Tulip Table -

I am including photos from a Turkish design blog, A Mad Tea Party With Alis, because he has produced the best collections of Saarinen's Tulip Table in different settings and expanded uses, and then teased us with chairs worthy of the table, first a collection we might lust for and the second collection, those that are stylin' and we can afford.

All photos collected By Alis - give him a round of applause, please! It is really well done. Additionally, he has given you chair examples similar to those in the photos. Alis writes, "After seeing all these examples you probably have an idea what kind of style you want to use your Saarinen table in. In order to give you more concrete ideas on what chair to get, I prepared two collages. In the first one I used very well known designer chairs, which are all beautiful objects - if you can afford them. The second has some more affordable options. Have fun!"

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