Scarlett Johansson & Vioski - The Substance Is In The Background & The Detail

As she goes about furnishing her new Hollywood home, Native New Yorker Scarlett Johansson continues to show her cool sleek style that in addition to her beauty and acting skills, she has become famous for. This gives me an opportunity to tell you about Vioski Furniture, as Johansson recently purchased a collection from architect Jeff Vioski's company, known for its elegant-modernism style. Handmade in Southern California each Vioski Furniture piece displays an architectural themed background - clean and well balanced proportions. Vioski's products also provide the comfort necessary for today's relaxed urban lifestyle, one that specifically someone as smart and hardworking as Johannson would appreciate.

The actress has been praised for her committment to maintaining historical accuracy on the set of 'The Other Boleyn Girl, by the book's author. Brit Philippa Gregory who authored this and other Tudor novels, was employed on the movie set to help maintain factual historical accuracy and regarding Johannson, Gregory said it was an interesting experience, noting that, "Scarlett's copy of the book is broken-backed and it's marked on every page."

The beautiful, street-saavy star has also been known for blasting Hollywood saying some celebrities are using charity campaigns primarily to boost their careers, see article. Johansson worked on behalf of global Aids Campaign Red, raising money for women and children in Africa and was noted for insisting that her support to the movement has “nothing to do with (her) career”. Recently the new Southern California resident spent two weeks in India and Sri Lanka as an Oxfam Ambassador working with the relief charity to increase awareness about global poverty and suffering.

Speaking about leaving her glitzy lifestyle behind, Scarlett, 22, said: "It was nice to feel part of the community. Certainly your own vanity is the last thing on your mind when you're travelling in a place like this." The blonde star feels privileged to use her status for good causes, saying: "It's amazing to come home when you see people living in poverty. On one hand you're thinking, my celebrity life is so surreal, but it's my work and helps me bring awareness to Oxfam."

I believe the more we travel around the world, exposing ourselves to architecture, design and beauty as well as sorrow and suffering, we develop character depth. These eye-opening adventures can give depth to our everyday practices and environments.

Developing an understanding of companies we choose to associate with, celebrities as people with individual backgrounds, and finally impoverished communities is important in creating meaning and purpose in our lives. Checking out the VIOSKI FURNITURE site will better allow you to appreciate the fine detail Vioski, the architect - through his company - incorporates in each furniture piece.

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