Going Green And Sitting Pretty - Outdoors

Tidelli Cube line
Outdoor Furniture - Don't You Love It!

Going green is easy when you're sitting pretty and with this phenomenal style Tidelli outdoor furniture we've got you covered.

The woven chair and ottoman (shown here in red) from the Agua line look like they're straight out of a ’60s Italian flick. The Agua set comes in white wicker, other colors available by special order are: Black, Beige, Chocolate, Orange, Green.

And the Tidelli Chaise Lounge....grrrrrrr! Meow!!!! It's wild! Tidelli is a Brazilian family-run business that appreciates the need for less waste, so they use 50 percent post-industrial recycled PVC for their furniture. The outdoor furniture line is available through your interior designer or online through CurranOnline so, now the only thing you’ll have to plant is your sweet and royal behind.

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Anonymous said...

Dear designer

Thanks for including modern and contemporary frurniture in your blog. I find that there clean lines tend not to confuse the eye which lends to an easier sense of balance and compusure.

This is perfect for the minimilist's out there.


Patricia, Editor said...

Dear "C"

Thank you so much for your comment! Clean lines, balance, composure, calm - I agree with you so.

Or, could it be the calm of the sea that we want to breathe in and feel our shoulders relax. It is all good.