WHAT'S A GENERATOR: Green Renovated European Hostel

In Venice, Italy a former 17th century grain warehouse has been renovated into an extraordinary European hostel.

  • Green
  • Re-use
  • High design
  • Generator, Venice is part of the prestigious, fastest-growing hostel brand in Europe

What else can anyone ask for?

Well, evidently there is alot.   

"Not only is Generator the fastest growing hostel brand in Europe with a plan to reach 12,500 beds spread across 15 properties by 2018; we are also pioneers of affordable luxury and masters of social experience. With bespoke beds for sleepy heads designed for the best night’s sleep, en-suite bathrooms with showers with super powers,  fast and free Wi-Fi throughout so you're always connected, an events program that will keep you more than entertained, combined with interior designs that rival boutique hotels and you’ll see Generator is more than a hostel, it’s an experience."

You can find Generators in some of the world’s most artistic and exciting cities like:  

Don't wait to put in your reservation at your favorite Generator;  If you do, you'll be sorry! 

Generator. More than a hostel.

Source: GeneratorHostels.Com

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