Canadian Designer Delivers Calm, Simple And, Huge Style

Canadian uber designer/entrepreneur  Deb Nelson has become a national favorite known for presentation of a clean, relaxed, modern style. Those of us south of the U.S./Canadian, 'International Boundary,' can also embrace this designer's supremely fresh look.
  • This delightful entryway could be a black and white composition but for the sisal area rug and the strong vertical floral display
  • The black ribbon tie on the roman blinds adds fun to the vignette.
  • The very simple but strong black mirror visually doubles the space of the area and fits wonderfully with the narrow table just below.

Deb Nelson overhauled a once-dingy garage area into a fresh and functional living space:
  • In the selection of a color scheme or living environment we can see Deb Nelson's look and style:  a neutral, soothing color scheme, save some royal blue toss pillows.
  • The entire space is painted white
  • A large sisal rug casually serves to hold the furniture grouping together.
  • An antique bed now hosts a tufted mattress allowing it to super-comfortably serve as a sofa by day.
  • Two subtly elegant bergere style chairs complete the vignette.
  • The black and white art, placed casually on the floor against the wall, adds visual interest to the room.
  • Seen here, a sleek, clean and minimalist style can create a sense of serenity and of calm.


In the guest bedroom, the glossy white paint used on both the floor and the vintage twin beds' head and footboards is refreshing with the heavy wood of the rafters. Deb Nelson eked out a work area in the attic's guest bedroom by tucking a table as a work space below the eaves.

In making design choices for your home:

  • In this kitchen the whitewashing of the rustic planks and beams draw your eyes up, conveying a sense of casual drama. 
  • The darker rustic farm table and simple Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs  are appealing, adding depth to the room.

  • A favorite piece of art
  • A cherished painting
  • Even a patterned area rug
Can serve as absolutely-great foundations in color scheme and design style choices. 

Designer Deb Nelson often works with neutral colors believing that they are conducive to a home of calm and balance. If this appeals to you, if you like a more clean, less cluttered, look, than this may be a good option. I recall a observant adage: 

 "Less Things, More Life."   

Note that a unique part of this approach is use the space and the naturally unique parts of a room to show through - but not necessarily take over.

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