Belgian Church Transformed Into Rock 'N Roll Restaurant

adaptive re-use

You will swoon over this former church now restaurant, The Jane, with its mix of textiles and re-use of space. I'm gaga over the use of light and lighting, and the now so-not-typical stained glass windows . . and as you'll see, unorthodox new treatments.

Three years ago, "Dutch design studio Piet Boon completed the transformation of the church of a former military hospital into The Jane, a gourmet destination that combines fine dining with a rock 'n roll aesthetic" (from "Yatzer." )

From the awesome exterior lighting presentation to the significant 150-lights long-spiked interior chandelier, the entire venue superbly incorporates spectacular lighting systems, each perfect for its space usage. (Credit to .PSLAB)

Light and lighting is a primary consideration in any design project including lighting provided by daylight
and/or windows. Here we can see the traditional style of Western European churches and their use of stained glass windows.

But, look closer. The Jane Restaurant has neither martyrs nor miracles of medieval saints. This adaptive re-use site hosts windows " . . . decorated with a haphazard collection of objects, animals and other shapes, ranging from eaten apple cores and penguins to gas masks and birthday cakes . . ." according to Studio Job. Going 'green,' is good, for our environment, and to shake up and modernize previously used building materials.

The preserved church of a former military hospital is now a restaurant of international allure with Michelin-Star Chef Sergio Herman at the helm. This is building re-use at its most culinary.

Where the alter used to be, the kitchen now stands; and it is encased within glass walls making the entire cooking process visible to The Jane Restaurant patrons.


If you are in Europe and near the lovely Country of Belgium or are making plans to visit it, add The Jane, in Antwerp, to your itinerary.

Let me share some secret truths about Belgium:

  1. It is a genuine paradise for gourmet lovers.
  2. Then there is the Belgium fashion and nightlife. Belgium is fast becoming THE destination in Europe for the 20-30 somethings. It seems they are flocking to cities like Brussels for stylish, inexpensive hotels, great food and a pulsating nightlife.
  3. And, now there is 'The Jane.'

Heads Up! To book a space in the Upper Room Bar, allow one month. You'll need to book a table however at least three months in advance for The Jane. Go for it! I love Belgium, it's the best of the beautiful. In French - it would be said, "Le meilleur de la belle!"

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Photos by Richard Powers

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