Kitchens Go Industrial With Corrugated Metal

Where cooking areas are pared down to essentials only.  Where in design, form and function of food preparation is paramount. 

This is Kitchen, Industrial Chic Style. 

The look derives from the real workaday lives of restaurants, cafeterias, gallerys, canteens, etc. It evolves from what hardworking, proletarian and utilitarian work spaces are consumed of  - humble, practical and often necessarily affordable materials - such as corrugated metal sheeting, more typically seen on outdoor sheds. Ha! 

These work areas may be unassuming but they need not be unappealing, especially if you cook!    (Cont'd. below.)

Check These Out For Fun! 

This look of delighting in lack of pretension, stripping back architecture and the salvaging of objects is occurring across the design landscape in multimillion-dollar mansions and in converted lofts in gritty parts of town.

The salvaging, repurposing or using of corrugated metal sheeting is not your typical go-to finish for home kitchens. But, take a second look, there's the fluky chance of actual appreciation of these no-nonsense work spaces with their minimal excess. In this Industrial Style look, anything that can be forged or welded is fair game: exposed ductwork, stairwells, countertops, divider walls. This unique item, inexpensive, corrugated metal sheeting, is being displayed with pride in the look that reveals the beauty in everyday flotsam. 

If decorating isn't easy for you or if you are in need of some particular interior design assistance, our designers at the Something Beautiful Shoppe will be happy to work with you - working with a professional helps assure you get the look you desire while helping eliminate costly mistakes.

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