A Something Beautiful Thought:

"Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know."  ~  J. Keats

John Keats is a wonder of the world and I love to learn about wonderful, beautiful things.

John Keats (1795 - 1821) was an English Romantic poet, one of the main figures of the second generation of Romantic poets along with Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, despite his work only having been in publication for four years before his death.

Not well received by critics during his life, his poems' reputation grew after his death; by the end of the 19th century he had become one of the most beloved of all English poets. He had a significant influence on a diverse range of poets and writers. Jorge Luis Borges stated that his first encounter with Keats was the most significant literary experience of his life.  (Wow!)

The poetry of Keats is characterized by sensual imagery, most notably in the series of odes. Today his poems and letters are some of the most popular and most analysed in English literature.

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