Decorating A Dreamhouse - A German Equestrian Estate (Cont'd.) + Ham And Potato Bake

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Written By: Patricia Lynne
Editor: Sarahjoy Crain

In my current SB Journal entry I'm imagining I'm "Decorating A Dream House" A German Equestrian Estate.

My Dreamhouse is a generous two stories including a third level attic with two dormer rooms. Ground level has room for parking three automobiles, almost unheard of in Germany.

My Germany Dream House also includes horse breeding and training facilities.

About Hamburg, My Dreamhouse City:

My Dreamhouse is located in Hamburg Germany, the second largest City in Germany, a City which bursts pride. Something new can be discovered, experienced and marveled at everyday. Arts and Culture are at its finest. Worldwide successful musicals, superior and entertaining theatres, a great variety of hotels and excellent restaurants. Historical landmarks from 1200 years of City history. The list goes on. Exquisite shopping possibilities and exciting nightlife.

The Dreamhouse is located near Lake Alster, which has a a circumference of 7.6 km. It makes for a great bike ride and is the hub for meeting friends for a lager shandy draft at one of the many cafes. I've been known to announce: "I'm in paradise," while watching the yachtsmen, oarsmen and paddlers enjoying Alster Lake.

If you visit this Lake which dates from the 13th century be sure to plan a ride on an Alsterboat. Providing tours of the lake including the canals and the bridges, these boatrides offer unparalleled sights of the city.

Lake Alster is surrounded by some of the best residences in Hamburg as well as by many, many landmark buildings, such as the well-known Atlantic hotel and St. Michaelis Church. This Church hosts a 132 meter high baroque spire covered with copper. The spire is a prominent feature of Hamburg’s skyline and has always been a landmark for ships sailing up the river Elbe.

Lake Alster, known as the‘German Venice’ as it runs through the center of the city, competes with Venice, Italy for its number of bridges and canals.

Also at Lake Alster is the Port of Hamburg. Named Germany's "Gateway to the World" it's the largest port in Germany. It is the second-largest port of Europe and is experiencing major advancements in commercial and residential growth, cultivating multifarious layers of enriching diversity.

My City of Hamburg, Germany is bursting with such creativity. You'll see it in its contemporary architecture, art, fashion, events and design.

We're going inside now. Please join me in my SB Journal on Decorating A Dreamhouse My German Equestrian Estate

Decorating My Germany Equestrian Estate Dreamhouse Formal Entry

Borrowing a French look with the Louis XVI Style Chairs, these are upholstered in Pierre Frey's "Les Camees."  Les Camees (French transl., the cameos) is a beautiful cotton/linen upholstery fabric with a 59" repeat, making it ideal to position your favorite cameo illustration on these arm chairs. The small table is a petrified tree trunk.  It is the photograph we are drawn to and it is of an Andalusian horse in Susan Friedman's Equus Collection.

Decorating My Germany Equestrian Estate Dreamhouse Living Room:

I love the slight pink paired with deep brown upholstered furnishings. Pink by itself can be considered too feminine, but it's what you pair it with that makes it work - consider a man in a black suit with a pink shirt and tie - it's a dynamic combination.

The horse photograph above mantle again is by Susan Friedman, the marble horse head from The Well Appointed House.

For our family this room feels soft and warm; it is instantly inviting, something necessary as we work hard outside with the horses, this ethereal space is for us.

Decorating My Germany Equestrian Estate Dreamhouse Dining Room
I love this dining room presentation.The simple fireplace and decor are fabulous, but most of all I love the 'borrowed' view of the stellar staircase. If it is just the two of us for dinner, we often use the small table and chairs grouped near the fireplace. This gives us the feeling we've got the best seat in the house. Photograph is from Motif Designs and the Something Beautiful Shoppe can help you access some items in the picture.

Decorating My Germany Equestrian Estate Dreamhouse Kitchen

In addition to working hard, we also entertain a lot. Friends and family from the States as well as newly-made "freundes" (German transl. friends) visit and as a consequence, I love this spacious kitchen. Whether it is in entertaining friends and family, or having coffee with a fellow equine enthusiast, I wanted an area that was easy and efficient. I always work with the best, and here I chose Nancy Thornett Associates.

Decorating My Germany Equestrian Estate Dreamhouse Daughter's Room

This room reflects my daughter's personality. Mature, feminine, romantic and orderly. Everyone who visits loves this room, as does my daughter.

The pairing of the soft pink with whites and greys creates an inviting feeling. No harshness here.

Susan Friedman's "Tempest 1" is on display here; Sherwin-Williams' Paint White Dogwood SW6315 was used when originally featured in House Beautiful.

Decorating My Germany Equestrian Estate Dreamhouse Master Bedroom And Bathroom

This room is perfect for us. It's tranquil. We've got bedding that's like sleeping on a cloud. This master bedroom is from Motif Designs and you can access it through the Something Beautiful Shoppe.  

Freestanding Oval tub by Waterworks has clean, sculptural lines. I also like the simple 'table' next to it. It is literally a soaking tub, you can have water up to your shoulders . . . every home should have one. These are all part of the things that make our home dreamily beautiful.

My Dreamhouse German Equestrian Estate - I could so live here. Couldn't you? 

Ham And Potato Bake Bonus Recipe

Layers of potato, ham and cheese are bound together by a quiche-like egg and cream mixture. This potato bake cuts well and can be served hot or cold, as a side dish or with a salad as a light meal.


3 large potatos
1 cup grated tasty cheddar cheese
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 cups shaved ham, finely chopped
1/2 medium onion, grated
4 large eggs
1 cup cream
Salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Thoroughly grease a 7" or 8" pan or bowl.

Line the base of the pan with baking paper. If your pan isn't non-stick, line the side of the pan also.

Peel and halve potatos. Boil potatos until tender, drain. Allow potatos to cool, then cut into 1/3" thick slices.

Combine cheeses in a bowl.

Cover the base of the prepared pan with a layer of potato slices. Season with salt and pepper.

Top with half the ham and onion. Sprinkle with about one third of the combined cheeses. Continue layering ingredients (seasoning each layer of potatoes), finishing with a layer of cheese.

Use a whisk or fork to beat the eggs and cream until well combined. Gently pour the mixture over ingredients in pan.

Bake for about 50 - 60 minutes, until the top is golden brown and the egg mixture has set. Cover the bake with aluminium foil if the top begins to over brown before the egg mixture has set.

Remove from oven and set aside for 5 - 10 minutes before removing from pan. Cut into wedges to serve.

This recipe is from Exclusively Food.

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Foyer, Living Room photograph from
House Beautiful, January 2009
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