Transforming Space With Light

Getting the lighting right in our homes will transform our spaces. Additionally, we know that the human eye is instinctively drawn to light sources upon visiting someone's home. Light fixtures create warmth and visual movement around the room.

Most homes are underlit. Underlit homes often tend to make rooms feel smaller and can cast an unappealing light on the room as well as on the folks who live there.

Here are some tips in getting your lighting right to help you transform your space. The tips will be simple but not obvious if you haven't thought about this before.

* Three Points of Light: Every room should have at least three points of light, which allow for the basic triangle of visual flow around the room. In the bedroom above, from Studio Steel Lighting, for example, this is the lights on either side of the bed and the chandelier. Another form of how to incorporate the three points of light in a bedroom would be lamps on nightstands on each side of the bed and a third lamp on top of a dresser. FYI: More light is always fine. (Studio Steel Lighting Chandelier)

* No Bare Bulbs: Indirect light is most comfortable and most flattering. Contrary to the below photo, for the most part you should remove, redirect or cover any bare bulbs that you can see. I included the below photo (from Skona Hemm a Swedish interior design magazine with regular features on home decor) knowing that it is a break-the-rules bare bulb light fixture because it is so unique and it does work. I believe that is because the bulbs are at a low level and additionally, they give off a soft, not harsh light.

* Keep Light Below Eye Level: Low positioning is best so that it lives on the level where you live - not on the ceiling.

Table and floor lamps should do most of your lighting, and track or ceiling fixtures (pendants and chandeliers) should shield their sources and direct light downward onto furniture or walls so that you notice the light most by where it is shining, not where it's coming from.

* Dimmers, Dimmers, Dimmers: Dimmers are easy to install, don't cost much, save electricity and allow you to adjust your lighting for many different occasions. They make a huge difference.

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