Mr. Important Design Firm Debuts Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Nightclub

This is a photo of a womens' restroom

- at the recently opened Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's nightclub Vanity! Rose-gold lips, framing perfectly pearlescent teeth, and an impossibly aqua eye, shimmering with makeup, face off over the sinks.

From Interior Design Magazine: "Charles Doell calls himself Mr. Important Design—a name as exuberant and outrĂ© as his nightclubs and restaurants." Definitely a headliner that recently debuted, for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino nightclub Vanity in Las Vegas, Doell went the limit."

Further from the magazine, "The club is a phantasmagoria of shiny and sparkly surfaces. Take the canopy above the dance floor: a flamboyantly undulating form aglitter with 20,000 crystals. '“Risk-taking is now standard operating procedure for many large players in the hospitality business,” he says. “We completely love that.”'

Click here to see a slide show with more photographs; they're fabulously over the top.

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