Paris Ritz - Something Beautiful Journal Visits The Ritzy Paris Hotel

Paris, France has been referred to as a museum without walls and I love to think how the City's beauty was even more enhanced when Cesar Ritz in 1898 built the Paris Ritz Hotel. Bearing the name of its founder, the bright jewel that is the Paris Ritz was built within walking distance of the Louvre. At 15 Place Vendôme, the Hotel has become perhaps Paris's most iconic address, Coco Chanel called it home for 37 years.
Something Beautiful Journal visited iconic Paris Ritz hotel.
This building is full of history. In the pre-World War II years a struggling, unknown Ernest Hemingway would save up enough money to have one drink a week in the bar of the Ritz - that same bar is now named after him.

As a designer, I love this: Cesar Ritz's wish was to:

"make the visitor feel
as if he were in
an elegant private home,"

be it Coco Chanel, princes and other royalty or us more-everyday, world travelers. How Mr. Ritz's efforts worked! People flocked to the Paris Ritz and despite wars and passages of time, the Paris Ritz carries on. The likes of Coco Chanel, Marcel Proust, the gifted French writer, and of course the now-accomplished, famous Ernest Hemingway are among the many, many prestigious, who called the Paris Ritz home.

The Ritz overlooks the gardens and rooftops of Paris or the rue Cambon. From the book, " The Paris Ritz" by Mark Boxer, it is clear that Cesar Ritz's wishes have been fulfilled. "Nothing has been overlooked in an effort to provide the maximum in practical comfort. The bathrooms attached to suites or even to single bedrooms afford a pleasure difficult to define. "

The Ritz is proud of its ability to provide prompt service, night and day; every client's bedside table is furnished not only with a row of buttons to summon a waiter or valet or chambermaid, but also a sophisticated telephone system adapted to the needs of the international businessman or government official.

Today, the hotel that Cesar Ritz built continues to offer the level of service and intimacy between clients and staff that is really what gives the Ritz "cachet." A stay at the Ritz may be old hat for princes, as well as for kings of commerce and art, but for the commoners among us the Paris Ritz provides a taste of life as we had always imagined it could be.

The book, The Paris Ritz, is a wonderful read on this remarkable building.Something Beautiful Journal found Paris Ritz its favorite luxurious hotel.

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