William Garvey Helio Teak Bathrooms

I love this freestanding round teak Helio bathtub by William Garvey. The Helio is absolutely an extraordinary piece of timber engineering, each one made to individual order. Note the wall features that complement the bathtub including an inset television.

The bathroom is perhaps a new frontier in home design. We're busy, we're blended families, we're going green and we want to get the most out of every part of our homes. We want our bathrooms to be both beautiful and functional, easy to clean. A refuge from our busy lives. The photos here show more features, the use of teak an alternate material and these bathrooms are certainly more fun to look at and above all, more pleasant to spend time in.

From a design standpoint, I note the wash area - built into a wall recess - is almost absolutely symmetrical. If you draw a vertical line down the middle of the photo, each side is a mirror image of the other side - except for the shampoo bottles. Their sizes are the same but vary in color causing the eye to move rhythmically to the right. Symmetry is a beautiful concept, but sometimes a slight bit of variation keeps your vignettes from being boring and adds interest.

Function function and beauty - this bathroom has it all. I want to visit this home's personal spa at the end of a busy day and replenish, everyday.

Can you get over this, bathing along the ocean. This is not a dream, this is a dream bathroom. If you live in a mild climate, why not have an outdoor bathtub and/or shower. If you have a great full view of the ocean, place your shower area (like the one here) so you can lather and enjoy the view. THIS is the way to live, baby.

William Garvey manufactures furniture since 1971 and also specialize in unique projects and designs. They work closely with architects, engineers, interior designers and private clients. Click here to go to the Company's website.

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