Housing Trends: Good Space Use & Green

"710" In Venice

The "710 House"was profiled
in an article from the New York Times about housing trends for its being smaller and ecological.

But specifically 710 was highlighted because it is internationally noteworthy having achieved a hot designer label.

710 has earned a LEED
certificate, for Leadership
In Energy and Environ-
mental Design given by the
U.S. Green Building Council.

Imagine a house that:

  • emits no harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • produces its own energy, and 
  • incorporates recycled materials, from concrete to countertops. 
Achieving LEED is not an easy accomplishment.

This house is located in Venice California boasting a sales price of $2.8 million.

Carol Anthony's Strawbale Cloister, In New Mexico

Carol Anthony built a studio and home that according Chris Casson Madden in her book A Room Of Her Own, could literally be an artifact from the eighteenth century.

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