Create Bathrooms With Distinct Style And Great Functionality

The above photo showing the Asian-influenced style bathroom is super chic but more importantly, it also seems to work well.

Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces and that makes them great canvases for unleashing creativity. You can go bold using great paint colors or alternatively, enjoy subtle tones; you can emphasize textures such as rough-hewen granite and smooth marble or choose to enliven with color through decorative tiles and tiled-framed mirrors.

But bathrooms are also much-used rooms and a practical approach is necessary. In the Oriental style bathroom above, there is a beautiful and well placed storage cabinet, a floor basket which holds neatly rolled extra towels and the decorative wall hook adds to this bathroom's ability to function well. It feels like it works; it feels good.

I am so over the towel racks with their exquisitely-folded stacks of towels. It is a tired look and just not user friendly. I would encourage you to choose great style but choose a look that works.

Following are some storage ideas for extra towels and toiletries that have style and are friendly and have high-functioning approaches.

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