Day Beds - Practical And Full Of Style

In designing a space for overnight guests what we want is to offer a place that is warm and welcoming, but limited space often requires creativity - day beds in an office or sitting room are a stylish solution. Visa versa, sometimes we do have the space to dedicate a room for weary travelers, but its still nice to have dual use in between guest visits, as a private sitting room or study area. The secret to such easy transition? An upholstered daybed that's equally enticing for overnight guests and daytime relaxing.

The day bed is an evocative addition to any home - bringing with it reminders of family and friends who have visited and the hopes of dear ones returning again.

This article shows numerous great ways day beds provide function in welcoming family and friends, making them feel very at home and in oh so beautiful style.

An old idea made new again is a summer sleeping space. Screened in porches were popular prior to air conditioning and enjoying the evening breezes while you snooze or a cool and shady spot while you read or nap during the day is an easy thing to do with the addition of a day bed. When it's not being used for a nap, the day bed will provide additional seating space.

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Anonymous said...
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Jessica said...

Nice blog…. It isn't easy to choosing that perfect Daybeds. It needs to be ergonomically viable and superior when it comes to comfort.

Patricia, Editor said...

Thank you Jessica! All true and not easy to achieve.