Regeneration ~ Relaxation ~ Unwinding

Europeans already know steam showers are a MUST for the bathroom. They're becoming trendy here in the States but I'm thinking, ignore that.
The benefits (regeneration, relaxation, unwinding) mean steam showers will not be a trend. Rather you'll make your steam a part of your daily routine (a spoiled-rotten bit of your I deserve to be pampered routine).

The fact that they are popular in Europe helps us 'yanks' since now these high-end bathroom fixtures are becoming more affordable.
So, I think it isn't unreasonable to add this feature to your home improvement wish list. Tell your significant other that steam therapy is good in countless ways. Steam shower color therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy are wonderful for the body and soul and that is a benefit for the both of you.

The Duravit Steam Shower Cabin designed by Jochen Schmiddem has frame-less silicone-free safety glass, natural wood. The two seats can be folded down to make a bench.

The Tris steam shower, offers the function of shower, sauna and steam room and because it's compact even city-dwellers with limited space can enjoy this unique natural wood grain beauty. You would expect to find this beautiful quality shower cabin in a large property in a rustic setting.

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